Child Care

Let us educate and entertain your children with our certified professionals here at HHCA. Our facility offers a variety of programs for all of your childcare needs.

Start your littles in our preschool program best suited for those between the ages of 3 to 5 years old where they will learn through play.

Our preschool is designed to develop interactive social skills and consists of music, arts, games, stories and much more. Once they are ready, move your littles to our Kindergarten program which is offered both in the mornings and/or in the afternoon at a very reasonable price.

Of course, when your littles are not so little anymore, we still have more
options! Our out of school care is without a doubt one of the best in the city. We offer an accredited program that services five different schools within the community by offering bussing to and from school along with a variety of activities!

Summer Camps and PA Days are offered at HHCA as well.

What’s great about our childcare is that children have access to all the amenities within the facility including a playground, gymnasium, hockey rink and more. Contact us today for more details, 587-392-2265.