Child Care

Huntington Hills Child Care programs services over 8 schools in our area. We provide care and enrichment of children rooted within a collaborative community setting: focusing on health, wellness and respect for ourselves, others and the environment. We believe that children thrive when given the opportunity to explore physical activity and creativity in a safe and enjoyable environment. This program is not designed as an extension of school, but as an extension of home, where care is provided, but fun and activity are emphasized.

Huntington Hills childcare programs will ensure that routines are developed and implemented that address the children’s daily needs. These will include opportunities for structured activities and unstructured time when children can explore their individual needs and interests. Children are viewed as individuals with unique needs and interests. We provide a variety of activities and opportunities for each child. Environments are engaging, and responsive to the children’s developmental needs and explorations, and play is always encouraged and purposefully planned. School aged children are provided with the ability to learn and explore based on their age, and preschool children are supported to build skills that will assist them when they go to school. Staff use reflection tools, documentation and questions to incorporate children’s interests and input into all program planning to notice, name and nurture each child’s disposition to learn.

Summer Camps and PD Days are offered at HHCA as well.

What’s great about our childcare is that children have access to all the amenities within the facility including a playground, gymnasium, hockey rink and more. Contact us today for more details, 587-392-2265.