Parent Link Program

As part of a network of Parent Link Centres funded by Alberta Human Services, we provide universal programs (free of charge) to meet the needs of all types of parents and caregivers.


We work in partnership with parents, childcare programs, schools, and other key community stakeholders to deliver programs and services in 5 core areas:

  • Early Childhood Development: Play-based learning activities for parents and children.
  • Parent Education: Formal and informal workshops, seminars and one on one services.
  • Family support: Formal and informal activities designed to build on parents and caregivers strengths; family Counseling, Parents meeting other parents to increase capacity and connections.
  • Developmental screening: Helps parents and caregivers pinpoint developmental progress in children between the ages of one month and 5 ½ years.
  • Information and referrals: Connecting parents with programs, tools and resources that can help them raise strong, healthy, well-adjusted children.


Triple P is a Positive Parenting Program that promotes good communication and strong relationships between parents and children.

There are several ways to access Triple P parenting depending on parent and child needs. (seminars,1:1 contact, discussion workshops or group)

Parenting awareness and information are shared through a variety of methods and materials: video, tip sheets, workshops and 1:1 parenting information and group experience, as well as a new online program.

For more information on the Triple P program contact (587) 392-2270



The Family Connections Parent Link Centre believes in the development of strong caring communities and strong caring families and individuals, each is considered necessary for the development of the other.


We provide a safe environment for all people to have a voice in their community, find support and the assistance they need to move forward.

Funded By; Ministry of Human Services


For a complete list on the programs and services we offer, including our monthly schedules, please visit our website at