Children’s Record

All children attending the program must have a current up to date enrollment form filled out and signed by the parent or guardian.

The enrolment form will have the following information:

  • Childs Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Parents Name
  • Parents Home address
  • Parents Telephone Number
  • Name, Address and telephone number for emergency contact
  • Medical Information including allergies, immunization.

 All client records will be stored in such a manner that they are protected from destruction, loss, or unauthorized removal or access.

All records are available to the director at all times and to the child’s parent with 24 hours notice.

All parents are required to complete the daily attendance sign-in sheet when dropping off and picking up their child from care this will consist of arrival and departure times.

If your child will be away from any component of the program for any length of time you must call the program and report it.