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Seasonal Membership $25

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Membership calendar year:
All 2021/22 memberships will expire August 1, 2022.
2023/24 memberships can be purchased after August 1, 2022.

Members get free access to all of our public skating options and seasonal drop-in activities. All of our in-house registration programs also require a membership upon purchase. You’re only required to purchase one membership per calendar year to access all registered programming. All Out of School Care and Huntington Hills Curling Club activities require a membership.

Members receive exclusive benefits and discounts with partnering businesses. Login to your account and present your membership number to any of our partners for special rates or even VIP status. Stay tuned for more upcoming promotions!

Association members, whom are residents of Huntington Hills community, are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.  You must have an active membership and have obtained your membership more than 7 days prior to the AGM in order to vote.

Membership and living in the community of Huntington Hills, qualifies you to join the Board of Directors, and make a difference in how the community association is managed. Whether it be special events, programming, Out of School Care, Huntington Pioneers Association, or Out of School Care, we also encourage anyone interested in volunteering to inquire with us.

Special Events
Memberships help support our annual events calendar, where the community can meet, use services, and have some fun. This includes our Spring Community Clean Up, Easter Egg Hunt, Neighbour Day, and more! 

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Members get access to upcoming monthly E-newsletters on the latest CA happenings.

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